Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

PIFexplosion(PIFe) - Guides/FAQ's - 6 - Matrix and Money.

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Menu options and what they mean.

Main menu heading.
Drop-down menu page.

Matrix & Money
>>>Matrix Access
>>>Set Cashout Level
>>>Buy Additional Positions
>>>Extra Cash
>>>Browse Traffic Links
>>>Browse Solo Ads

Matrix Access
See all your upgraded, bought and gifted positions
on this page. Details are given for all positions that
include name of position - type - sponsor - money
owed and detailed stats of your upline/downline.

Set Cashout Level
You can choose to be paid when a position hits $5,
$10, $20, $30, $50 or $100. 

Your choice of level is personal and will depend on
your activity and the activity of your referrals.

It can also be used as a target amount. You can
set it to $10 or more and use that as motivation to
get out and talk to people/promote.

Cashout is for EACH position, not a total of all.

Buy Additional Positions
You will want to buy more positions for yourself, if
you are going to be serious about promoting.

All additional positions bought for yourself, earn
commissions paid back to YOU.

If you are Diamond and buy one extra position for
$5.27(STP incl. fees), $3.25 will be added to your
balance. That extra position actually cost $2.02 :)

$2.50 Fast Start Bonus
$0.75 Matrix Commission(1st level)

5000 Banners and 100 Views are also credited for
each additional position bought.

Extra Cash
All earnings from clicking traffic links, logging in,
reading solo ads etc. are here.

Once the amount reaches $4.90, you can request
a FREE matrix position. Positions are usually created
less than 48 hours.

FREE matrix positions created from Extra Cash(after
the first), cost $9.80

Browse Traffic Links
Diamond members earn 0.1c for clicking these
links and visiting for 10 seconds. There are usually
thousands of links available at the start
to earn your way to
Diamond or get an additional
position without
spending your own money.

Browse Solo Ads
Diamond members earn up to 1c for clicking on
Solo Ads and visiting for 10 seconds. There are
different amounts each day and they will expire
through time. Advised to visit this page regularly.