Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

PIFexplosion(PIFe) - Guides/FAQ's - 7 - Advertise.

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Menu options and what they mean.

Main menu heading.
Drop-down menu page.

>>>Buy Advertising
>>>Buy Featured Ads
>>>Advertising Stats
>>>Post Solo Ads
>>>Solo Express Service
>>>Post Traffic Links
>>>Post banners

Buy Advertising
Use your commissions or buy extra banners, solo
ads and guaranteed views.

Buy Featured Ads
If a featured ad has been bought, you will see that
ad each time you login(before going to members
area). The featured site also has banner exposure
on most member pages.

The cost is $8.67 and includes a solo ad blast.

Advertising Stats
Find out how your ads are performing. Detailed
stats for your Solo Ads, Banners and Traffic Links. 

Post Solo Ads
Send a solo in plain text or HTML. Ad can be saved
to use again in the future.

There is a queue as only 15 solo ads are sent each
day(to keep them effective). The average wait time
is around 14 days so you should plan/post as soon
as you can and do not post more than one per day.

Solo Express Service
Expedite your solo to be sent out instantly, after

Post Traffic Links
This where you get your Guaranteed Views. Just
add text and a link, click save and the link will be

Once the link has been verified, you can view the
details in Advertising Stats. 

Post banners
Enter a name for your campaign, the url of the
banner to be displayed and then the target site.

Preview your banner to make sure it is displayed
correctly. If so, click save. If not, make changes
in the boxes above.

Banners need to be approved by Admin and will
then start rotating. Check on approval, displays
and hits in Advertising Stats.