Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

adBTC Overview

adbtc The next overview of a Crypto Earning Site is adBTC.

Similar type of script as ClixCoin but with more flexible options
to advertise and withdraw.

Coming up on 125k members(with around 1500 always online)
and serving up 1.5 million impressions per day, this is popular.

Ads range in time from 5 seconds to 60, with plenty of them
throughout the day - over 100 easily.

You can buy ads from 5 satoshi per view.

Payouts to(minimum to withdraw)

BitCoin Wallet(30,000)
Advertising Balance

Captcha type - simple math

No upgrades are available.

Ways to Earn


Surf Ads - you will get a single page with the ad description,
length of the ad in seconds and the reward(in satoshi).

You can click the button - OPEN or if you don't want to visit the
ad, click skip(it will take you to the next one).

If you do click, the ad will open in a new tab. A timer will start
on the previous tab. Wait until the timer is zero, close the ad
and go back to the previous tab. A new ad will open or you will
get a Captcha first.

Do the same again until there are no ads left to view.

Surfing in Active Window - these are more like your traditional
PTC ads. Presented in a list format, you can pick and choose
the ads to visit from the one page.

Short description and reward given are displayed.

AutoSurf Ads - Usually up to 5 ads available on Auto. Click
Start and they will open in a new tab - then run until finished.

Never been a fan of this type of advertising so I don't use it.

Referrals - 7.5% surfing ads and 7.5% purchases.

Referral Market - You can buy referrals and sell your own(after
at least seven days of being your referral).


One of the top rated Crypto Earning Sites. Sensible pricing of ads,
relatively low referral commission and high active ads number -
there's no reason why this can't be stable for a long time.

While the Referral Market is a neat feature, the buy prices seem
a little high. If you are going to use it, I suggest to monitor it over
a period of a few weeks.

Time to join -

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See ya soon.

David. :)