Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

FAUCETS - Quick Claim

FAUCETS - Quick Claim
Quick links to join or claim at a Faucet are here.

You will need a Wallet to get a payment address
and to
store/spend your Coins. If you need help
getting a wallet, just drop me a message.

BitCoin online wallets - BlockChain - CoinBase - Xapo

LiteCoin download wallet - Electrum
LiteCoin online wallet -

DogeCoin download wallet - MultiDoge
DogeCoin online wallet -

Ethereum online wallet - MyEtherWallet

MicroWallet - FaucetHub

PAYING - BitCoin - Direct Payments

Bit Fun

Moon BitCoin

Bonus BitCoin

Free BitCoin

PAYING - BitCoin - FaucetHub

Big BTC Win

PAYING - LiteCoin - Direct Payments

Moon LiteCoin

PAYING - LiteCoin - FaucetHub

BagiCoin - LiteCoin

PAYING - DogeCoin - Direct Payments

Free DogeCoin

Moon DogeCoin