Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Contest - Complete

contest Hey everyone.

Contest is Active.....WooHoo!!!

First and most important - You need to be my referral
at the sites you are going to claim tickets for.

Contest is running All of March with FIVE prize draws.

Draw dates.

March 3rd - 10th - 17th - 24th - 31st

Maximum tickets = 12 and can be achieved for FREE,
not just by upgrades/purchases. You can win more
than once per draw if you have more than one ticket.

Qualify for a ticket by the 3rd(6pm EST) and be in all
FIVE prize draws.

Contest Details

Tickets and/or random prizes will be given for doing
tasks or just being active when I visit a site.

Surf sites, read mails, play games, read solo ads....

Need some advertising or want to try out an upgrade?
This is the best time to do it, get tickets and cashback
at most sites(read the CashBack post).

Every Friday, tickets are drawn and can win

1 x PIFe Diamond Membership*
A share of 150,000 XP
1 x prize of $2.00
2 x prizes of $1.00 Cash
4 x prizes of $0.50 Cash

Total Cash - $30.00 minimum
Diamonds -  $24.50 minimum
XP - 750,000 minimum

Cash awarded at the end of contest. If you win more
than one cash prize, they will be combined and sent
as one payment. PayPal and STP guaranteed plus
PayZa/BTC(if funds available at the time).

Random prizes of credits, banners, CTP goodies.

*If you are already Diamond, an extra position will
be given = up to $3.25 in cash and more advertising.

How to get tickets.

When you complete a task, just send an email to or PM me at

Twitter - @dm1power
CTP - 1power
FaceBook - PrizeClickers

1. All upgrades or ad purchases are given tickets. The
number depends on the purchase but the minimum is
two tickets, right up to 12.

All sites listed on Exchanges, Exchanges2 and Mailers
are eligible for tickets and 50/50 cashback. PLUS,

Referral Frenzy
Referral Builder Elite
Wealthy Affiliate

2. Join PIFexplosion for a FREE Gold upgrade, get 1 ticket.

Upgrade to Diamond and get 3 more tickets added.

Login(Gold and Diamond) at least 10 days in March and
get 1 ticket.

Total 5 tickets available at PIFe.

3. Use Faucets and claim up to 4 tickets for free.

Posted information about how to use faucets to get tickets.


4. Click 50 ads at BTC Clicks, Scarlet Clicks or GrandBux.

You can get up to 3 tickets, one per site.

5. Send a tweet out to your followers with #PrizeClickers
and/or @dm1power somewhere in the message. In your
own words and nothing bad please. lol

Example tweet

Hanging with @dm1power and the
#PrizeClickers crew
at the new contest. Come and join me. :)

2 tickets awarded for a verified tweet.

6. Like and follow PrizeClickers on FaceBook for 1 ticket.
New likes only.

Good luck to everyone. Any questions, get in touch.