Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Bonus Prizes.

Win and Upgrade Bonus/Offer.

I will be doing this with EVERY contest from now on.
It could be one, five or fifty bonuses but there will
always be something in each contest.

The bonus may change periodically but for most of 
this year it will be PIFexplosion positions(worth $4.90).

Last year was AIOP memberships and there are still
a few free memberships available. There is also an
excellent upgrade offer if you join with your own cash. :)

Will be added to most new upgrade purchases(longer
than a month) and may be won during random draws.

Next contest, five winners will get a free PIFexplosion
position. You need to be my referral at PIFe but you
DO NOT need to be upgraded to get a free position.

To learn more about PIFexplosion, click above or check
out the getting started guide on this blog - 

If you win a bonus, I will contact you with the details
you need to claim

If you are not a member of PIFe when you win, I will
send you a link to join from. Once you join, I will send
a code for your free position.