Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers


bab Banners are often neglected(along with text ads), in favour of
mails or direct views but they are an important part of any
advertising strategy.

I'm guilty of that neglect and set out to find a banner co-op that
suited my needs.

>>Has to be easy and quick to setup.

>>I want the banners to reach as many sites as possible, without
joining a load of other sites.

>> Some type of earning component available, preferably more
than one.

And then BaB literally dropped into my lap in March of 2017.

It was a no-brainer to join and upgrade on its first day


Banners shown on over 500 sites with just a few clicks.

3x13 Forced Matrix with Direct Commission.

Join free and get 1000 impressions. Promote and get 10% of
your referrals purchase plus a referral reward. You also earn
cash on site that can be put towards an upgrade or ad buy.

Upgrade to Silver for $9.80 Lifetime and get

20,000 banners
5 x banner slots
1 x matrix position
50% direct commissions
$0.40 matrix commissions, down all 13 levels
Higher earnings on site than a Free member.

Upgrade to Gold for $9.80 Monthly and get

20,000 banners(monthly)
10 x banner slots with highest priority
1 x matrix position(monthly)
50% direct commissions
$0.40 matrix commissions down 13 levels

Solo Ad(monthly)
1 x Lifetime Banner(no credits used)
Higher earnings on site than Free or Silver members.

Run out of ads?

Buy more banners, get matrix positions.
Buy more solo ads, get matrix positions.
Buy more banner slots, get matrix positions.

All purchases come with matrix positions to earn from.


Buy 30,000 banners and get a matrix position that will
pay YOU back. You are referring your own purchase so
you will get paid 50% comms. and matrix comms.

$9.80 purchase has now cost you just $4.50 and you have
30,000 banners plus a new matrix position to earn from.

I could go on and on and on. lol

This is the perfect partner to PIFe if you are looking for
advertising and the ability to earn through promoting.

Payment options

STP / Payza(not USA) / Payeer / CCard / BitCoin(10% off)

Any questions? Just ask.

-->Have a banner site YOU love? Send me the details.<--

Happy advertising and earning.