Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

All TEN Badges

No time to complete all 10 tasks?

There are two ways to get all 10 badges.

Buy advertising/upgrade.
Any purchase over $1.50 will count.

Take the Special for $4.90(see below).

You must be my referral at sites where you
upgrade or purchase advertising.

Upgrade or buy advertising at any of the sites
from Exchanges - Mailers - Resources/Tools page.

Get all 10 badges, extra XP and 2 entries 
to the next Prize Clickers Contest*
* for each upgrade/ad purchase

Complete the task and then PM me.
Include the name of the site that you 
joined and/or upgraded/bought advertising.


Take the free Gold membership I offer at


Upgrade for a $4.90(no fee) one time
purchase to Diamond membership.

Payza and Solid Trust Pay are used at PIFe
BUT if you want to upgrade and only have
Join free from the link and then contact me. 
A way to do it can always be worked out. 

You can have only one membership but you
 can buy as many positions as you would
want(more ads and possible commissions).

Additional positions are $4.90 plus fees

$5.27 via SolidTrustPay
$5.67 via PayZa

Your upgrade to Diamond will get 
you(monthly for life)

2 x contact solo ads
4 x 250 clicks on your traffic links
20,000 banner impressions

As Diamond, you will also be able to 
promote and give Gold memberships away.

Get 2c for a daily Login
Up to 1c for clicking solo ads
1/10th cent for Traffic Ads(4000+ available).
Use those earnings to buy more positions/ads.

From me, you'll also get

All 10 badges
10,000 extra XP
A place in the PIFe banner and solo
co-op(must send me your referral link).

Rotators start on February 1st.

4 entries in the next Prize Clicker Contest
(minimum $25 value in real cash prizes
plus PIFe positions, credits, XP and goodies).

If you plan on buying more positions, buy
up to three and no more, they will go
directly below your primary position and
you will get paid on them.

You can always buy more later or earn free 
positions from clicking and downline earnings.

If you own a site or run contests, prize draws....
you can purchase positions to give as prizes.

This is starting to be a review of PIFe so I'll
end it here and do the review later. lol

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FaceBook. Include your username at PIFe and
if you bought more positions, let me know.

If you need help with anything, I'm here daily.