Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

ELITE - Revshare Program

Born from this blog on the 17th of November 2019.

ELITE is a pool, club, group, crazy it what you will.

We try to take the SAFEST route to sharing back with members.

Open to everyone(over 18 years of age)
No referrals needed to earn
No need to promote
Nothing to click or to qualify
Auto Repurchase available

$20.00 AdPack - Banner(468 or 125) or Text Ad
Free Matrix position with each purchase
Matrix position pays up to 120% of purchase or up to 150% boosted
Straight Line and Random payment type matrix

Maximum TOTAL Positions - 1100
Maximum Positions per member - 60

Ethereum - LiteCoin - BitCoin - WAX - TRON accepted
Other payment methods may be added at times

No purchase fee - 4% withdrawal fee on all cycled payouts
Pay with one, get paid out in ANY of the five methods

Let's look at more details below.

What advertising will I get?

EACH purchase comes with one Banner(468 or 125) or one Text Ad.

Your banner or text ad will be shown on one or more of 300+ sites
including TE's, Mailers, PTC, Revshare, Matrix types.

Your ad will be placed at random on these sites and will receive from
10,000 to 30,000 impressions or even more.

You can also DONATE your ads to ELITE and get a shiny badge! lol

What is my purchase used for?

All funds from purchases are be used for TCG's, advertising, upgrades,
tools, offline and to produce returns from a variety of listed sites on
the PrizeClickers blog.

No profit is made by Admin on any spends or withdrawals. I have the
same positions as you, just a little bit more of them to help run the

100% NOT a Ponzi - absolutely NO money is taken in and then used
to pay the next members out.

Up to 120%, how?

Funds from referral purchases, card trades, revshare, on and offline
projects etc. are shared to the matrix and used for new/repurchases.

There will be times when there needs to be 100% repurchase, either
to build up a higher working balance or recover from a poor program.

Up to 150%, how?

Standard payout is up to 120% but you could get boosted by 5% at
a cycling time(up to a total payout of 150%).

If a RandomBooster position cycles, it repurchases a position and
pays out $1(5%) to four Random positions.

Up to 120%, when?

The payback will work as a first position plus random matrix.

What the heck is that? lol

This ensures that no matter when you join, you have the chance to
be paid out AT ANY TIME as 50% of payouts are random.

Rather than paying out 0.5% to every position, which would become
a waste of precious time, the full 120% will be paid out on positions.

Each time there is $48.00 available to pay out, the position at the top
plus one random will cycle out.

Example - $48.00 available

1. Member c25 - cycles out immediately, paid $24.00
Member c25
3. Member c03
4. Member c12
5. Member c07

$24.00 left so a random member is chosen from

1. Member c25 - cycled from first position
Member c25
3. Member c03
4. Member c12 - cycled from random
5. Member c07

As you can see from above, FUN!! Much better than looking at your
position with pennies next to it. :)

And it happens every time we get $48.00 back or multiples of that
number. So if we get $96.00 back, the top two positions will cycle
out with two other random positions.

Is this passive?

Absolutely! You need do nothing but join, purchase and submit ads.

If you WANT to help out, there are a number of things you can do...

donate your purchased ads to ELITE
consider joining/upgrading in some of the sites on the blog
support the Contests
send me a happy email! :)


If you are joining purely for the advertising, there is no risk at all.
Traffic will be delivered no matter what happens.

If you are joining just for the up to 120% back, there is risk.

This is not an investment, the up to 120% is added as a bit of fun to
see if we CAN make money back SAFELY.

You could get 120%(or more) back on your purchase but you could
also get less or nothing, do not depend on it.

If you have no patience, don't join.
If you think I will run with your money, don't join.
If you don't think you can trust me to do what I say, don't join.

I do not control any site we may add money to. I do not know the
future intentions of the owners, whether they are running a business
or running an exit scam.  I will try to pick sites that I think will be
run for at least medium and hopefully long-term.

I will try my best to return as much as possible to members. There
will be no time-frame for this or any guarantee of earnings. As long
as the sites we add money to are paying, so will I. If some scam or
collapse, I will still continue paying until the very last site closes.

Even if all "sharing" type sites close, we will have sites left to earn
referral commission from - WE then advertise those.

Ready to join? -----> Signup Form

Any questions? -----> Contact