Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Ethereum Faucets - All

Ethereum Faucets Payment types.....

DIRECT - payment goes directly to your online or downloaded wallet,
once you reach minimum.
FAUCET HUB - payment is stored here until reaching minimum. You
will need an account before claiming on Faucet Hub sites.

You need a Wallet to get a payment address/store your Coins.

Ethereum online wallet - MyEtherWallet

MicroWallet for Bit, Lite, Doge and Eth - FaucetHub

Some sites will have a popunder(one or max. two).  These are marked as PU.

PAYING - Ethereum - Direct Payments

PAYING - Ethereum - FaucetHub

Ethereum Faucet PU
CLAIM TIME - every 60 minutes
CLAIM AMOUNT - 200+ gwei

PAYMENTS - Instant
CAPTCHA TYPE - reCaptcha

REFERRALS - 10% on all claims

TESTING - Ethereum - Direct Payments