Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers


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There are many launches every week of programs and most
of them, hold no interest to me.

This one has peaked my interest and will have a special offer
attached to it......get some FREE positions! :)

Need a guide for this, don't understand a part of it? Get in
touch, I'm always here to answer you.



BitCoin* - Ethereum** - LiteCoin**

Free and paid options available. Paid options start at just $2.00
with no monthly subsciptions.

Small 2x2 Matrix System with 5 Stages - $2.00 to $32.00

Stage 1 - $2.00
Stage 2 - $4.00
Stage 3 - $8.00
Stage 4 - $16.00
Stage 5 -  $32.00

You can buy as many positions/stages as you like but you need to
buy first at Stage 1, then 2, then 3 etc.

Compensation Plan

Comp Plan

As you can see from above, the plan is VERY interesting and can
be lucrative for members starting at $2.00, as well as those going
for all 5 Stages($62.00) from the start.

Multiple re-entries, generous commissions, 25% matching bonus on
everything your referrals earn(making sure that when your referrals
succeed, YOU do too).

Okay, nice structure - good funding options - cheap to get started
and great benefits for referring but what else?


Pay it Forward - You can purchase any stage for your referrals and
any of their referrals too - powerful for building a team, bringing
someone in that doesn't have funds in a processor or rewarding a

Advertising - Highly targetted text/banner ads. What you get from
a single $2.00 purchase, doesn't seem like a lot BUT when you add
more positions and/or cycle to get all those re-entries and higher
stages - they all come with more ads.

Cash Transfer - Transfer cash to ANY member. All you need is a

Marketing Funnel - Plug in your autoresponder and build your
downline PLUS your list.

Matrix Positions - created instantly, no waiting. Commission for
positions also added instantly.

Stats - status of your referrals and their referrals(paid and free).
Who is in your 2x2 on every level? You can get the details.

Support - on site, email along with FaceBook and Telegram to
stay connected with other members.

FREE, always - you do not need to be a paid member to earn.
Promote as a free member and still earn commissions.


Join for free and then read/watch everything available in the
members area. Questions? I'm here.


When you have joined.........

Purchase a position - at least Stage1 for $2.00 - get
a FREE $2.00 Stage1 added

More Special Offers are available for CP2 - HERE.

BitCoin* - $25 mimum account funding.
Ethereum** - LiteCoin** - $5
mimum account funding.

Need help funding your account? Get in touch.