Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Coin Wallets

FAUCETS - Quick Claim
There are many types of wallets available. The wallets
below are those I personally use and recommend.

If you decide to go with something different - PLEASE
do your research. DO NOT just go with the first thing
you see on a search listing. Download from the official
site and make sure the site is real.

There are many fake wallets out there that are designed
to - steal your crypto and download trojans/keyloggers
to your system - again....DO YOUR RESEARCH first.

MicroWallet for 100's of faucets/sites - FaucetHub

BitCoin online wallets - BlockChain - CoinBase
BitCoin desktop wallet - Electrum

LiteCoin online wallets - CoinBase
LiteCoin desktop wallet - Electrum

DogeCoin desktop wallet - MultiDoge

Ethereum online wallet - MyEtherWallet - CoinBase  - BlockChain

BitcoinCash online wallets - BlockChain - CoinBase

More Wallets to come.....