Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

BitCoin Faucets - Testing

BitCoin Faucets - Testing
The sites below are currently being tested for ease of use, clean advertising
and payouts.

Some sites will have 99.9% clean popunders(single usually but up to two). PU

You need a Wallet to get a payment address and to store your Coins.

BitCoin online wallets - BlockChain - CoinBase - Xapo

All payments go direct to your wallet when you hit the withdrawal threshold.

TESTING - BitCoin - Direct Payments

BitCoin Bow - PU
every 10 minutes
REWARD - 6 to 23 satoshi plus bonuses
PAYMENTS - Automatic, Weekly
MINIMUM REQUIRED - 20,000 - Xapo Wallet. FaucetHub(400 satoshi fee)
REFERRALS - 50% on claims
EXTRA - Loyalty and Random Bonuses up to 500%