Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 9 June 2018

BitVerts overview and more.

bitverts The site below is no longer viable but rather than delete, I'll
leave the post here. It shows that a site can go from HERO
to ZERO in two months or less. :(

The first overview of a Crypto Earning Site is BitVerts.

This one will be a bit longer than the rest but if this doesn't
go far enough, let me know if you have questions.

There is a lot going on here so take some time to visit the
links in the members area and understand them.

In its purest form, it is a free PTC with four coins to earn.

BitCoin - Ethereum - BitCoinCash - LiteCoin

There are multiple upgrades but check to see if any are
suitable for you. Heavy advertisers should upgrade but
pure clickers don't need to.

Each coin has its own PTC section and some have more
than others. There are probably 500+ ads each day but
you would need to be there all day to catch them as some
have 500, 1000 clicks etc. so they expire.

On average, at any time of the day - there are between 180
and 210 ads to click plus 9 or 10 YouTube ads.

You can earn from all coins but you DO NOT need to have
four different wallets, you only need one. A nifty feature

Say you only have a LiteCoin wallet but have earned money
from all four coins. No problem, just exchange the other
three coins to LiteCoin and withdraw.

Ways to Earn

PTC Ads with 4 x coins

OfferWalls - PersonaRewards, PTCwall, OfferToro, Adscend
Media, SuperRewards(more coming)

YouTube Ads

Buy ads - get up to 150% back on your purchase through
CrytoBar points(see below)

Activity Rewards(see below)

Games - Hidden Treasure, Lottery, Dice, Roulette Wheel

Referrals - 10% on each click

CryptoBar Points

Purchase any PTC ad and you will receive CryptoBar Points.
Points can return from 80% to 150% of your purchase.


You will receive bonus ads to click, starting the day after you
buy an ad. The more ads you buy, the more bonus ads. These
bonus ads will continue until you get
80% to 150% back.

Each time you click a bonus ad, the amount will be removed
from your CryptoBar.

To continue getting bonus ads, click 15 links daily.

The amount you get back is dependant on your membership.
If you are going to advertise a lot, best to pick one or more
of the upgrades available.

Activity Rewards

You will receive Roulette Wheel spins the next day, for actions
you do on the site. You can win different amounts of all coins
from 20 to 10,000 plus Upgrades and CryptoBar Points.

Examples are below

Visit 50 sites - +1 Wheel Spin
Visit 50 sites - +2 Wheel Spin
Visit 50 sites - +3 Wheel Spin
100 x Referral Link Views - +1 Wheel Spin
5000 x Referral Link View - +5 Wheel Spin
50 sites / 100 x Link View/ 1 ad buy - +5 Wheel Spins

Upgraded get different amounts added automatically each day.

Buy ads and when your TOTAL PURCHASES reach......

BTC - 0.01
+20 spins
LTC - 0.5 +20 spins
ETH - 0.1 +20 spins
BCC - 0.05 +20 spins


Fast growing, highly active site. Many options to earn with an
Admin that seems to know what he is doing(and a great chat
mod in Kosha that has the patience of a Saint). lol

This may have been be one of those sites that "burns bright
and dies quickly" but recent tweaks by Admin are excellent.
I see a good mid-term future for this site. Continued tweaks
when needed, could turn this into a MUST, long-term addition
to your portfolio of great sites.

Time to join -

Next sites to do

Cointiply(PTC with a faucet)




Considered but not added(will be updated).

EthereumClix. Too many popups - too many low paying rotator ads.


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)