Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 28 September 2017

State of Play

state of play Hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend.

It has been some time since I posted here but I like to post
when there is something to say, rather than posting just for
the sake of it.

With the demise of many TE's/Mailers/PTC's, I took a step
back from all of it.
As I was only ever here for the fun of it
and to reward people, no point in hanging around day to day
watching sites leave, fail to pay, restrict cashouts etc.

Prize Clickers rewarded members for surfing/upgrading and
it looked like that was dead in the water. Clicking on a login
link to see another site gone or sold was getting old, fast.
Renewal of the PC domain came up and a decision had to be
made......I renewed it for 2 years. :)

PC may be different in the coming months and years but it
will still have the spirit of rewarding members.

Coming in the next weeks are

Update on Faucets(that will be first).
XP prizes to give(from 5th October).
Small updates to all the pages.

Please remember that if I am not active at CTP, FB, Twitter
or even on this blog....doesn't mean that I am not here. Just
drop me an email and you will always get an answer.

David. :)