Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday, 24 March 2017

Winners for March 24th - Congrats to all!

winners Contest Winners - March the 24th.

Next Draw on the - 31st
RANDOM prizes will be posted at different times.

Congratulations to all the winners below

2 x PIFe Diamond or extra position -->
Frank W - Brian L

1 x $2.00 -->
Garry T
2 x $1.00 --> Michel S - Norbert L
4 x $0.50 -->
Bud M - Michel G* - Janice C - Thea P

XP(total 150,000) --> Bidyut Y - Bud M - Shannon D - Candis L
Michel G - Norbert L

*Contact me, some details are needed for your prize(s).

No tickets? Go get some and join in!

Contest Details

Prizes will be sent now. More Random will be awarded as I
wander round some sites in the next 10 minutes and across
the weekend(mainly Saturday but a little on Sunday).

Cash Prizes awarded at the end of the contest. Total due is on
the tickets page.

David. :)