Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 6 February 2017

Playing games for free and earning satoshi - new today.

bitfun Hi everyone.

I was going to add Captcha types tonight and then a new site arrives
that looks VERY promising. For those who love to play games, this is
a must. The variety is excellent so there is something for everyone.

Captcha types will be on tomorrow but for now, grab a coffee and go
play some games. :)

New site added to the Faucets page, just launched.

Bit Fun - Play FREE Games for satoshi
claim at any time, variable amount*
MAXIMUM CLAIM PER DAY - 6,000+ satoshi

PAYMENTS - Request. Usually within 48 hours except for holidays.
MINIMUM REQUIRED - 10,000 satoshi
REFERRALS - 50% on claims
EXTRA - Five OfferWalls, Dice Game

*This site works differently from most. Just start playing games and the
amount of satoshi available to claim rises constantly. Claim the amount
displayed at any time.

Claim image

I thought I would need to download a game to play but the first one I
clicked on,  displayed on screen and is EXCELLENT. If you like puzzles,
try Four can thank me later. :)

GAMES - There are, wait for it - OVER 400 games to play for free.
Covering most genres like

Adventure & RPG - Strategy & Defence - Action - Shooter - Puzzle -
Sports & Racing - MultiPlayer - Music & More.......

Launched today(6th Feb 2017) by the team behind Moon sites, this
should be a winner. Huge variety of games, clean advertising and
earning while you're having fun. Enjoy!