Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 16 February 2017

PIFexplosion(PIFe) - Guides/FAQ's - 2 - Diamond membership

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How much does it cost?
A one time payment of $4.90 by SolidTrustPay, PAYEER,
PayZa or BitCoin.

You can also earn Diamond for free(see other guides).

Are there any higher memberships?
No, Diamond is the highest level.

What can I do as a Diamond Member?
Advertise your banner, send solo ads and get guaranteed
visitors from posting your Traffic Links.

>Get a fast start bonus on all direct referrals upgrading.
>Earn from matrix positions(your own and referrals).
>Buy and gift matrix positions/Diamond memberships.
>Give away Gold memberships.
>Earn from referrals clicks and login.
>Ability to receive Random Referrals(without a sponsor).

Earn further matrix positions by

>Logging in daily - $0.02
>Clicking on traffic links - $0.001
>Reading solo ads - up to $0.01
>Clicking banners - $0.0002

What advertising do I get as a Diamond Member?

>2 Solo Ads to almost 7,000 members - Monthly
>20,000 Banner Impressions - Monthly
>1000 Guaranteed Visits - Monthly

How long does it last?
Diamond membership is for life, no further payments
are required.

Anything else?
A Platinum Rolex....okay, that last bit was a lie. lol