Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Game info for puzzlers plus BitFun and Xten moved to paying.

BitFun and XTen Faucet - VERIFIED PAYING

Both sites are great and work well but if I had to
choose just would be BitFun. Yeah, I'm
a little addicted to some of the games. lol

For puzzle people, TenTrix at BitFun is a very
rewarding option. If you liked Tetris but didn't
like the ever faster falling pieces, this is a major 
improvement as it gives you time to think/plan.

The overall user rating for TenTrix is 96%, I
would go higher than that. :)

You start out with three random pieces. Simply
pick them up and place them on the grid. Once
all three pieces are placed, three more appear
and so on - all random so try to think ahead......

You are going for complete lines, horizontal and
vertical. You can fill the lines with ANY colour
but there are bonuses for a single colour as well
as multiple lines completed at the same time.

An example screenshot is below and for those
wondering where to claim, just start playing a
game and look at the top of the page, the claim
box is there and can be claimed at any time.

Have Fun and keep on earning!