Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Captcha Type 2 - SolveMedia

SolveMedia Basics

What does it look like?

What do I do?
Type the text displayed, into the box labelled - your answer -then click enter on your keyboard(or click the claim box that will be on the site).

What type of challenges?
Challenges are mainly copying the text displayed. Text can be moving, obscured, normal or after a short video.

Sometimes a question will be asked, with answers selected from a drop-down menu. This type is quite rare but if you do a lot of challenges, eventually you will get some. Answers tend to be VERY obvious, even if English is not your first language.

Some of the main types are posted below but there are more. 

Instructions for the challenge will be in the top left usually. The challenge text or video is in the middle and icons plus Your Answer at the bottom.


1 - The text in this example was moving up and down.

Your Answer is - for the gipper

2 - The text is slightly obscured in this example.

Your Answer is - I'm yours

3 - This one has simple text.

Your Answer is - milkshake

4 - Simple text again but on three lines. Always write answers from the top left to right and then down.

In this example, I have filled in the correct way to type the answer.

4 - Slightly distorted or warped text in this one.

Your Answer is - maple syrup

The three icons you see at the bottom right of each challenge are, from left to right.......

Get a new challenge - Get an Audio challenge - Info/Help

If it's too difficult or is not a type of challenge that you like, get a new one by clicking the first icon.

Difficult to see? Click the second icon for audio. Obviously, have your speakers turned up.

Info/help - hopefully that explains itself. 

Just like ReCaptcha, there is a lot more variation to captchas than displayed above. They had small commercials where you described the brand being advertised and a number of other things to discover.......When you see something new appear, it's like Hey! what is this. lol 

Tomorrow - FunCaptcha.....maybe. The one site that I visit a lot and used it, no longer has it listed. I'll check it out and report back tomorrow.