Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday, 10 February 2017

Can you see what you're clicking on?

We've all done it, strained to see something on screen....

Although there is a specific example below, this applies to all sites
with ANY captcha or icons needed to be clicked on - set the zoom
level to where it is comfortable to see. You should not need to
move towards your screen or bring your tablet/phone closer to you.

You may have seen a number of maths based challenges on sites.
They are usually clear and easy to read but one site in particular has
given a number of readers a headache - BTC Clicks.

They use a combination of ReCaptcha and Math. Take a look at the
math challenge below(at 125% page zoom).

Distorted numbers but still readable as 11 - 4 = ?
This is a good one, some are so distorted, you can't see if it's + or -,
a 7, 3, 5 or an elephant. lol

Now check out 200% page zoom. Easier? If you have Chrome, you 
can set page zoom for different sites and those settings will be saved.

Other browsers should have something similar. Play around with your
settings and get comfortable. Developing eye strain while surfing, is
not worth it.

I was going to add FunCaptcha tonight but the only site on this blog
that used it, no longer does. I really liked it and it is still popular on
other types of sites like Sweepstakes and competitions but for now,
I'll wait and see if it is added to faucets, PTC's etc.