Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday, 3 February 2017

3 to 1, ReLaunches and CashBack starting.

pifetext Hey everyone.

A few bits of news as we come to the weekend.

Really important if you were a member of Biz Clix or
Spotlight and
don't know where your account is.....

50/50 CashBack is available on DreamFuel Traffic and
Adventure Advertising Center from this post

More info on CashBack at the weekend. :)

ReLaunch of a Dream.

Land Marketing took over DreamFuel Traffic and
DreamFuel Mailer a few weeks ago. After some work
and changing over processor accounts, they are ready
to ReLaunch.

Both sites have special Lifetime Gold upgrades for less
than $40 now. They are available until Saturday night.

DreamFuel Traffic is already in Exchanges and Frenzy.

DreamFuel Mailer would have been added to Mailers
but I have enough just now(upgraded). It is in Frenzy.


Three into One.

Cheryl of Biz Clix, Spotlight Exchange and Adventure
Advertising Center has made a decision to combine
her three exchanges into one.

With the downturn and fear in the industry that PP
has caused(and some pretty shoddy owners), some
bold decisions are needed. I'm sure that most people
would agree that this is a very good one.

Combined site is - 
Adventure Advertising Center.

If you were a member of Biz Clix or Spotlight, you
will have received an email about this that contains
details of what will happen next.

Spotlight was in the recommended exchanges, it has
been changed to Adventure Advertising Center.

I look forward to seeing what Cheryl has planned.


Have a great weekend and if you need me, I'll be here.