Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 5 November 2015

And the winner is..........

Hi everyone.

And the winner is..........Michel Schoonmade.

Congratulations Michel. You take the top prize and the
Prize Clickers Badge - Winner.
smile emoticon

Renegades dominated the total ticket count but couldn't
quite transfer that into prize domination.

2nd - Monica W
3rd - Thea P
4th - Sam F
5th - Kendra M
6th - Georgia S
7th - Janice C
8th - Ahmed K
9th - Sarojini E
10th Peggy P

More XP to send out over the weekend.

All Prize Winners -

I'll start sending out prizes now and I may need some
further information from members. Expect a PM or
email soon.

Congratulations to everyone, I hope you enjoyed it. smile emoticon

Prize Clickers Admin