Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 5 October 2015

Three contests coming plus CTP badges 32 and 33.

Hi everyone.

I hope you all had a great weekend. :) 

Apologies for the link formatting below, it's late and I can't
get them to play ball. lol

There follows some news about our contest and two being
run by other exchanges(that are included in Prize Clickers).

Hunt Badge details are there too, please claim soon.

$200 Surfing Triathlon Contest from Thomas Sheets.

The Tournament sites involved are

Viral DynamyteAsylum Hitz - Vegas Hitz

You must enter at all sites. Join through my links above and
if you upgrade, you'll get free entries in PC Contests plus XP.

1st Phase - Top 50 Surfers qualify for Phase 2 at each site.
2nd Phase - Top 25 qualify for the 3rd Phase at each site.

3rd Phase is the final phase where the Top 5 Surfers overall,
with the most accumulated points at all sites....Win the Grand Prizes!

2nd Phase Prizes:

1st = $10.00 at each site
2nd = $8.00 at each site
3rd = $6.00 at each site
4th = $4.00 at each site
5th = $2.00 at each site
6th - 50th = 1 Coinz Chest at each site

3rd Phase Prizes:

1st = $50.00 Single Grand Prize
2nd = $30.00 Single Grand Prize
3rd = $15.00 Single Grand Prize
4th = $10.00 Single Grand Prize
5th = $5.00 Single Grand Prize
6th - 10th = 5 Coinz Chests at each site

Free : Earn 1 Tournament Point for Each Page Surfed.
Upgraded : Earn 2 Tournament Points for Each Page Surfed.

Be number 1 in everything and walk away with $80 Cash.


1st Phase: Oct 5th - 11th
2nd Phase: Oct 12th - 18th
3rd Phase: Oct 19th - 25th

Grand Prizes Awarded on October 31st.

Join Asylum Hitz - Vegas Hitz - Viral Dynamyte - login
and click tournament(left menu) at each site. All the details
will be there.

Remember to enter the tournament at each site and good luck.

Note - All of Toms sites are rotated in PC Contests. Asylum Hitz,
Vegas Hitz, Viral Dynamyte, Traffic Muscles and XCell Traffic.

$50 Referral Contest at I-Pro-X by Steve Buch

A new Referral Contest will run until I-Pro-X has 2000 Members.
The leaderboard for this can be found in the competitions tab in
the members area.

Current member count - 1164. Plenty of time to go for the win.

New prizes have been added to the surfer rewards. This includes
higher credit prizes and a $0.05 prize for surfing 500 pages.

I-Pro-X is in the next PC Contest and all future contests.

New Contest

The contest for Oct/Nov has now been posted. CLICK.

Over 2.5 Million XP in XP for all upgrades
and/or purchases as well.

Did I mention over $100 in Cash plus other prizes? Yay!!!

ALL XP won in the contest(including random) and XP earned
by upgrading/purchasing......will now be saved and sent out
during the first week of the new Season at CTP. 

Give your team a great boost to the start of the new Season.

Badge Hunt

PC has two in the Hunt and everyone should be able to claim
both. The first is Badge 032 and you can get it in the next day.

Just join the PC list and look out for an update with the badge
information. Reply with your CTP username and you've got the
badge. Easy! 

Already on the list? Check your emails as I sent another update
out on Saturday.

I will send again on Tuesday.

The second is 033 and details of how to get it are HERE. It's
another easy one, with four different ways to claim it.

I'll send one more reminder about the badges before the end.


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Reminder - is being worked on and is not an
active site. Temporary home is here.

Best wishes.

David McKay
Prize Clickers Admin